In 2013, one of the founder’s wife had mastitis. Mastitis is usually the result of a blocked milk duct that hasn't cleared. Some of the milk banked up behind the blocked duct can be forced into nearby breast tissue, causing the tissue to become inflamed.

They first visited the hospital, where the doctors prescribed steroids .When the inflammation became more serious after 2 months on steroids, they decided to search for an alternative treatment as they didn’t want to undergo the proposed chemotherapy and surgery.


A family member practicing herbal medicines recommended for them to try consuming ginger as a therapy. They then embarked on a journey of ginger therapy, consuming boiled fresh ginger daily and amazingly saw positive results after one month!


After realizing the benefits of ginger, they went on a mission to manufacture ginger as a powder for consumption to help others in need. Now, MamaGinger has developed many other products such as  a variety of ginger powders, ginger slices and candied ginger for everyone to enjoy.

Our Story

Mission and culture:

To carry out and comply with regulations of Safety Quality.

To spread the positive energy of happiness. 



Mamaginger 301mmx214mm Flyers Create Out
Mamaginger 301mmx214mm Flyers Create Out
Mamaginger 301mmx214mm Flyers Create Out