Mama Organic Ginger was established in 2014.
        In 2013, one of the founder’s wife had mastitis. Mastitis is usually the result of a blocked milk duct that hasn't cleared. Some of the milk banked up behind the blocked duct can be forced into nearby breast tissue, causing the tissue to become inflamed.
       After visiting the hospital, where the doctors prescribed steroids, and then proposed chemotherapy and surgery, as the treatment, they reject-ed chemo treatment & surgery proposed, when the inflammation be-came more serious after 2 months on the steroids. A family member practicing herbal medicines recommended for them to try consuming ginger for therapy. They then embarked her, on the ginger therapy, consuming boiled fresh ginger (600g daily) and saw positive results after one month.
      They then went on a mission to manufacture ginger as a powder for con-sumption, and have in the meantime developed other forms.

Mission and culture:

To carry out and comply with regulations of Safety Quality.

To spread the positive energy of happiness. 



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