The company did a market survey of the ginger powder market in Malaysia, and

  • Found that many of the brands are homemade.

  • They then purchased samples of more than 20 brand for analysis, and discovered that most of the brands are not pure ginger, and/or not 100% clean when processed.


The company then decided to start their own manufacturing, 6 months after their research.

  • To produce pure ginger products, properly cleaned during the process.

  • To source for the highest grade of raw materials, and partnered with a farm in Thailand.

  • The farm produced very high grade ginger, cultivated in the highlands, with no chemical fertilizer. All the farms are GGAP, GAP certified, and the factory processing the cleaning ginger is GMP HACCP certified.

  • The processing factory was Mesti and Halal certified in 2016.

Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)

MS 1500 : 2009


Our ginger powder is:

  • Is free from contaminants and additives.

  • Redolent, fragrant & sweet smelling

  • Freshness

  • 100% purity

  • Natural taste,

  • High nutritive value

  • Longer shelf life.

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